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What can Coach Jahmaal do for you

Jahmaal Marshall is a Certified Counselor and Founder of

Listen Then Speak, LLC.

He helps clients establish healthy boundaries by dealing with pain-points of rejection and trauma, which frees them up to reach their full potential.

His Mindset Master Method to use his understanding of human behavior design a twelve week program that isolates root causes related to burnout, codependency, and people pleasing while Shifting Beliefs that inform Behaviors.

  • Jahmaal has 16+ years experience in human behavior, has facilitated workshops, seminars, conferences, and many other group meetings.

  • Jahmaal has spoken at events both locally and internationally, his talks have accelerated growth and transformation for over over 500 men, women, and families.

  • Jahmaal has created his own top 25 percent podcast with a focus on mental health, wellness, boundaries and root causes of burnout. He serves as a thinkfluencer for Tigerall Business, is a Top mentoring Voice, was nominated for most popular power read of 2023.

  • Are you ready to do the work from the inside out & shift the beliefs that inform behavior. It's time to isolate the root causes that have placed you on autopilot and power position you for sustainable success both personally and professionally from your very first session with Jahmaal


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The Fruit and Impact of Jahmaal MarshalL's Coaching Speaks for Itself.

My work with Jahmaal began as I was emerging from a very challenging time, and had sought his counseling services. It's worth saying that I am a certified/accredited leadership and life coach, so I know the importance of having good support from a trained professional, especially when life gets difficult, which happens to us all. From the get go, Jahmaal made me feel comfortable and understood, which was extremely important to me and to our professional relationship. Our conversations and my weekly "homework" quickly helped me begin shifting my perspective to one that was far more self-compassionate and productive, as I incorporated new habits into my daily life, and started to feel a real difference in my mood and outlook. I have cleared several blocks that were keeping me from achieving goals that were important to me, and I can confidently say that I have achieved one of the main goals I had set for our work together, and am on the way to achieving the second goal. I am very happy with these outcomes, particularly as a "recovering perfectionist," because I am, as we all are, a work in progress - and I have made meaningful progress indeed. Jahmaal is a kind, smart, funny, insightful counselor and person. He brings much knowledge and experience into his work with clients, and he gets results. I strongly recommend Jahmaal as a counselor, and I don't give that commendation lightly, as I have very high standards. If you are in need of support, wisdom, encouragement, and help with being accountable to yourself and your goals, please reach out to Jahmaal. It will be well worth your time! He helped me a great deal, and I'm confident he can help you.

Yona Stillman

Struggling to create forward momentum in your life consistently?

This is where I was prior to working with Jahmaal.

Jahmaal guided me in digging up deeply embedded roots that I had previously shied away from.

The personal, nuanced approach that builds session upon session really stood out to me. No cookie-cutter approach here. It’s about 𝙔𝙊𝙐 as an individual.

The discretion I was afforded to broach certain topics when I was ready was very much appreciated. Deeply-rooted issues can be heavy, and it was a safe space.

I am moving forward practically one step at a time with the help of Jahmaal.

If you are holding onto something within and want it handled with care while moving forward in your life, have a chat with Jahmaal.

Cole Johnson

I highly recommend Jahmaal as a counselor especially when you are driving as a solo business owner. His process for holding yourself accountable, navigating complex emotional hurdles has been immensely valuable. Prior to working with him, I felt overwhelmed as a mother, wife, and a business owner who juggles multiple responsibilities throughout the day. After working with him, I felt a sense of ownership, control over my thoughts, and regained confidence that I don't have to do it all, yet accomplish important milestones. It is easy to lose yourself in the process when you get caught up in the hustle and grind but people like Jahmaal know how to put you back in that driver seat without feeling guilt or shame. That takes true expertise and experience that many seem to put a facade on but lacks the body of work. I am grateful to have him by my side and as one of the personal board of advisors.

Humaira Ahkter

When Jahmaal became my counselor while I was dealing with personal struggles. While under the counsel of Jahmaal, it was clear that he would become much more than just a counselor to me, but a confidant and friend. It is abundantly clear that he possesses a supernatural ability to counsel his clients. While counseling, Jahmaal will focus intently on his clients, giving them every bit of his attention. During my personal time with Jahmaal, he showed an unending amount of patience, and he can listen
attentively while analyzing the issue at hand. Because of this, he can hone into specifics and work with clients on creating a plan that will guide them to a resolution instead of a band-aid. When Jahmaal begins to give advice or direction, the title of his podcast, Listen
Then Speak, comes into full view, as that is precisely what Jahmaal does:
listen, then speak. It is evident that he is wise beyond his years and speaks both thoughtfully and carefully, and, because of his own personal faith, he can reveal areas that one may not have known they needed to focus on, and he is not afraid to discuss matters that others may not want to talk about.

In closing, I would like to say that it is rare that you find someone as fit to be a counselor as Jahmaal. He is truly one of a kind. He is a servant, a leader, and a shining light in the darkness. Should you ever find yourself in need of a counselor, I could not recommend anyone greater than

Jahmaal Marshall.

Clay Sibert

Working with Jahmaal will be an unforgettable experience. I knew from the first call that I reached out to the right person. I’d been stalking his content for a few months and reached out after a post he made about what he would normally do in a situation vs what he decided to do. Jahmaal
listens and because of that he didn’t just give me a 5 step process. He shared what he observed about my behavior and we began the work to get to the root cause. The safe space he created was an open door for me to dig deep. The homeworks was an extension of our conversation that allowed me to get to work. I truly believe now it was God’s perfect timing for us to work together. I had several major life changes happening including the loss of my mother. Jahmaal patience, kindness and compassion helped me get through it. Professionally I am bouncing back mentally strong and with new tools. If you are looking for surface level coaching and surface level results Jahmaal is not your guy. If you are ready to do the deep work and have healthier habits, I highly recommend Jahmaal.

Nashira Lynton

Jahmaal has a very understanding yet direct style with his clients. It helps get right down to the core of the issue(s). His ability to relate made it easy to trust his guidance and wisdom when bringing up sensitive topics. He is graceful in his approach with you which genuinely makes you feel as if he is down in the heart of the issue with you helping sort it out. I felt Jahmaal's attention to detail is what helped me to feel heard, valued, respected and understood when sharing what I was going through. The feedback he gave, specific exercises to practice and words of encouragement lifted my countenance as I left our sessions. What helped most was Jahmaal's ability to create introspection that allowed me to step outside of my core struggles and see them for what they truly were. This helped lead to the resolution of the issues that were discussed. Jahmaal has a very patient demeanor that makes you feel safe and secure. I will forever be grateful for Jahmaal's guidance and friendship during a pivotal time in my life which helped mold me into the person that I am today.

Dustin Spence

Jahmaal Marshall did not only present himself as a counselor, but a warm friend that wants nothing but the best for you. In our sessions, a lot was covered. Assisting with shifting the paradigm in order to see life in a new light, helping break that shell of seclusion that was so extremely restricting on my personality, and inspiring a vision of looking toward more when the sessions ended.

Always striving for more than you are, little by little. His motto that I will never forget “progress, not perfection” is absolute key. He was able to remind me that I’m human, I will make mistakes, and there’s nothing wrong with that. In fact, that’s the best thing a person who wants to grow physically, emotionally, and psychologically has to endure. I’m so glad he was the person to teach me that, because he did it the right way, with just the right words. “A season, a reason, or a lifetime.”

Vein Garnecki

I am writing this recommendation for Jahmaal Marshall about his personal counseling style. Jahmaal was my personal counselor during my stay in the Midwest. From the first day he treated me with respect, kindness, care and compassion. He has a way of getting the most stubborn of us to open up and discuss issues we need to confront to be better people in this world. He was never forceful, negative or demeaning, but had a way to get you to open up and trust him. He always knew if deep down you needed to reveal or share more, but would give you the space to make that decision. He also went above and beyond the "call of duty" and had an open door policy at any time of day. Jahmaal is a passionate, compassionate and very professional counselor that genuinely cares for and wants the best for his clients.

Rob Glus

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Jahmaal Marshall is a Certified Counselor and Founder of Listen Then Speak, LLC. He helps clients establish healthy boundaries by dealing with pain-points of rejection and trauma, which frees them up to reach their full potential.

Jahmaal is the host of Listen Then Speak Podcast, which has been a top 25 percent podcast since its inception.

He has interviewed multiple bestselling authors, entrepreneurs, and Mental Health Advocates while consistently demonstrating the ability to pull out information not highlighted in their other interviews. This in turn has provided sky-high value for his audience.

Here is an excerpt from a recent Guest:

“I had the privilege of being a guest on Jahmaal's Podcast. I am a Deep Dive Mindset Coach and can I just say, his ability to listen so deeply and ask me questions that opened doors to answers that I had never really thought about, was truly a powerful skill that very few have.”

His more than ten years of experience in dealing with clients has gained him expertise in both childhood trauma, addictions, rejection, perfectionism, and procrastination. He tailors his counseling and coaching to the specific need of the client to assure that problems are being addressed at the root. Clients are able see a visible progression which allows them to take steps and calculated risks to open the opportunities for which they are already destined.

A client said these words about Jahmaal’s services:

“I am happy to report that I was 100% right in choosing Jahmaal Marshall for the job!

Not only was Jahmaal, seasoned and professional, but he met our loved one at the required level, built an amazing rapport and maintained customized relatability all while, guiding forward movement, throughout. The results met my elevated expectations and started a new and positive, life changing walk for our loved one who has great appreciation and respect for Jahmaal Marshall.”

As a public speaker, Jahmaal as a guest has produced some of the highest rated live streams. Be it virtual or in person, his dynamic personality and ability to communicate to the needs of unique audiences makes him a sought-after speaker. Whether it’s culture, religion, mental health or diversity, he has shown expertise to give practical and applicable solutions.





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Double Your Energy & Maximize Your Productivity, Guaranteed!

Double Your Energy & Maximize Your Productivity (2X-6X) with Mindset Master Method in 10 Weeks, Guaranteed!

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